E-Surveillance System

Security panels for ATM center / banks are designed considering Safety, Security & Surveillance need, which are subject to theft, vandalism of assets. Maintaining Security guards at all sites can be very expensive and they cannot provide all the evidence required for identifying the culprits and deterring them from crime.Assets in ATMs like ATM Machines, Air conditioners, UPS, UPS Batteries are subject to theft. ATM room and backroom doors need monitoring. Other sensors like vibration sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors can detect corresponding events which could be analyzed to detect the intrusion. The panel gives alert for LOW Battery , Battery cut and NO Battery. Alarm panels identify abnormal conditions and raise an alert to the central monitoring station (CMS) with the help of wireless VPN(GSM or CDMA) network. It uses the latest SIA IP DC09 protocol to communicate with monitoring software.



V-Cop Gold - IP Hybrid
Intrusion Alarm System

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