Firetweet Solutions

Firetweet Solution

90% of the Fire Protection Systems do not function or are overdue for maintenance and replacement.

Are you confident that your fire safety system is functional and up-to-date? If your answer is “I am not sure”, we have a compelling solution that will change you answer to confident “Yes” - Firetweet!

Firetweet is an E-governance system to monitor real time health of your fire protection assets. FireTweet is a IoT (Internet of Things) solution to address the problem of non-functional fire safety systems and equipment installed to safeguard your people, vast premises and costly assets.

We use our own manufactured IoT Enabled Panels & Gateways to connect your equipment to FireTweet Cloud. The cloud comes in the form of a web portal and a smartphone app where you can check your system anytime. The data collected in the FireTweet cloud can be accessed with the help of web portal and smartphone app

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