Group Companies

San Telequip

SAN TELEQUIP PVT. LTD., is India’s largest manufacturer of Interface Converters and designs various DATA CONNECTIVITY Solutions for the Instrumentation, IT, Telecom ,Industrial & Building Automation Industry. We have been designing such solutions for various OE’s in India. We are in existence since 1991 and have been promoted by technocrats.

San Techno Mentors
San Techno Mentors

The Executive team set up SAN Techno Mentors on the foundation of the knowledge base, international project / product experience, industrial contacts andthe SAN brand image to impart technical education to satisfy not only the demands of the industry but also bridge an ongoing gap between academia and industry. SAN Techno mentors is founded on the experience base of the SAN Group consisting of SAN Telequip, Crystaline Infotek, Sanstar Microsystems, Realty Automation & Security Systems and Consultancy Process Control Engineers

FireTweet Technologies

FireTweet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Pune (India). We provide subscription based services in fire safety monitoring to our customers. The fire safety monitoring includes electronically monitoring the health of fire safety systems and equipment installed at our customer sites from a central monitoring station 24x7x365 by FireTweet’s dedicated staff.

Micro Power
Micro Power

Sanstar Microsystems designs and manufactures switch mode power supplies for diverse applications in major industry sectors such as Industrial Automation, Electronic Security and Surveillance, Telecom, Power Transmission & Distribution, Renewable Energy and Drinking Water.

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