ATM AVV is designed considering Safety, Security & Surveillance needs of ATMs, Bank ATMs are subject to theft, vandalism of assets. ATM AVV can be integrated to audio & video recording facilities. Two way voice device is used to warn the intruders. Upto 4 CCTV Cameras, 1 Audio Microphone and 1 Speaker could be connected along with upto 31 Sensors, 4 smoke zones and 32 Wireless sensors to this panel.

Product Features:

  • Support SIA protocol plus reverse commands for controlling panel operation ( *customize protocol can be supported )
  • All zones and parameters are user configurable with the help of Panel utility.
  • Centralized monitoring of specified events in multiple ATM locations or branches
  • LED Indications on keypad:
    RED LED - For Alarm Conditions
    GREEN LED – For Fault Conditions
    BLUE LED –When in Arm LED continuously ON
  • *EM (Electro-magnetic) Lock with keypad to access backroom with unique codes for different companies.
  • keypad with LCD with unique codes (up to 19 different codes to support 19 different agencies) for Disarming the Chest Door Sensor of the ATM machine , Back room door sensor , Cheque drop box etc. ( * others zone can be configure through Utility)
  • Access can be controlled at any essential points where it could be necessary to restrict or regulate entry.
  • Multiple keypad support up to maximum 4 keypads.
  • All zones can be configured as NO or NC.
  • Buzzer and siren indication for Alarm on site and alarm reported to AEMS.
  • Auto ARM feature - settable time through utility and configuration file
  • Upgradable firmware from remote location.
  • One touch zone configuration from remote location by configuration file
  • Inbuilt Self diagnostic tool to show zone status, reboot, threshold adjust parameters
  • 50 event logs can be stored.
  • *Support up to 4 CCTV Cameras
  • *Support 1 two way communication port
  • Support up to 31 Intrusion Sensors inputs
  • 4 Conventional smoke zones and
  • *Support up to 32 Wireless sensors zones (optional)
  • *4-8 relays box support - (Signage, AC, Backroom, Lobby light etc)
  • Compact design with hidden mounting place for DVR/NVR, Router and Battery
  • 2 Exhaust Fans for better ventilation
  • Inbuilt Tamper & silence Key Zone
  • Dedicated router logic relay and separate one PFC relay for controlling any device.

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