V-Cop Gold - IP Hybrid Intrusion Alarm System

V-COP GOLD Hybrid Intrusion Alarm Panel is a sophisticated home/office security system. System can read inputs from 9 wired & 32 wireless sensors to detect an emergency condition. A LCD display situated on the front panel gives the visual indication of various activities carried out. It can display the exact cause of alarm. It has the rare ability to connect 2-wire conventional smoke or heat detec-tors. Any alarm or trouble conditions are reported in both audio-visual man-ners. V-Cop Silver– IP can do the reporting through built in Ethernet Port us-ing Industry Standard SIA (Security Industry Association) Protocol. We can provide AEMS Software for monitoring from Central Monitoring Station.

Product Features:

  • 16*2 Backlight LCD Display
  • Tactile 18 Keys Key Pad
  • Inbuilt Ethernet Module
  • SIA Protocol Base (IP) Reporting
  • Up to 100 Number of Event support
  • Auto Arm / Disarm feature
  • Scheduled base arming & disarming
V-Cop Gold - IP Hybrid
Intrusion Alarm System
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