InfraRed Type Carbon dioxide Gas Leak Detector – TS21I-IR-CO2

TS21I-IR-CO2 gas detector is suitable for all Carbon dioxide gas. Application area of this detector is Biogas, Breweries, Chemical industry, Cleaning and solvent extracting, Fuel loading facility, Gas turbine, HVAC for goof ambient monitoring, Oil wells, Parking area, Pharmaceutical, Plant growth monitoring, Pulp and paper industry, Steel plant, Storage area for food ripening, Waste water treatment plant, Leak detection etc where gas leakage is possible. It reads the gas concentration in Air and transmits to a detection panel over digital bus as well as it shows LEL level on display.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • Gas Sampling Natural diffusion
  • Detection Range—0-2000 PPM
  • Preset Alarm Levels a) Low Alarm Level b) High Alarm Level.
  • Auto Calibrated.
  • Response Time T90 less than 30Sec.
  • Infra Red sensor is used
  • PFC Relay NO or NC PFC O/P and It will be Selectable Latching type or Pulse Type
  • Sensor Life : Up to 15 years
  • Analog O/P : Selectable 0-5 V & 0-10V output 4-20mA current output
  • Operating Voltage Range is 18 to 32VDC Salient Features:
  • Long Operating Life
  • No Routine Calibration Required, hence reducing maintenance cost & time
  • Operated in Inert Atmospheres.
  • Fast Response
  • Ability to Operate in the Absence of Oxygen or in enriched oxygen
  • Replaceable Sensor Provision
  • Magnetic Key Operations
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Immune to Catalytic Poisons
  • Failsafe Operation
  • No moving parts , hence no drift
  • High reliability & repeatability
  • ATEX Certified.
  • CCOE (PESO) Certified
  • BIS—CM/L—3927980 Certified

TS21I-IR Detector detects following gases: Carbon dioxide , LPG, PNG, CNG, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Propane, Propyl- ene, Butane, Pentane, Hexane, Ethylene, Ethylene Oxide, Ethane, Ethanol,

CE Certified

InfraRed Type Carbon dioxide Gas Leak Detector – TS21I-IR-CO2
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