V-Cop Silver GSM Hybrid Intrusion Alarm System

V-COP Silver Intrusion Alarm Panel is a sophisticated home/office security system. System can read inputs from 9 wired & 32 wireless sensors to detect an emergency condition. A LCD display situated on the front panel gives the visual indication of various activities carried out. It can display the exact cause of alarm. It has rare ability to connect 2-wire conventional smoke or heat detectors. Any alarm or trouble conditions are reported in both audio-visual manners.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • 16*2 Backlight LCD Display
  • Tactile 13 Keys Key Pad
  • Inbuilt GSM Auto Dialer
  • 10 Voice & 10 SMS Reporting Number Support
  • 16 Sec. pre-recorded voice message
  • Up to 100 Number of Event support
  • Auto Arm / Disarm feature
  • Scheduled base arming & disarming
  • Remotely Arming & Disarming by Using Android App
V-Cop Silver GSM Hybrid
Intrusion Alarm System
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