Intelligent GSM Speaker Phone iGSP

Intelligent GSM Speaker Phone (iGSP) is a two way voice calling system for specially design for ATM/Banks/Retail security. It receives phone calls from 10 authenticated users. Which is registered by SMS in system. iGSP unit kept inside the ATM/Bank lobby OR user specified location. For example, user from control room can communicate with attendant/customer in the ATM room/bank branch/warehouses. There is provision for SIM cards in the unit. An external speaker is connected to the unit. When authorized user dials the SIM mobile number, system will auto receives the phone call and any person near to the iGSP unit can communicate with the user.

Product Features:

  • Authenticated 10 Numbers can place the call to the unit.
  • 10 Numbers can be updated by sending SMS.
  • Excellent voice quality of Mic.
  • Loud and clear Speaker output.
  • LED Indications for Network Range & AC power on indication.
Intelligent GSM Speaker Phone igsp
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