LPG / PNG Gas Leak Detector – TS12 HLRBV

TrueSafe LPG Gas Leak Detector is a gas leak detector for detecting LPG gas leakage at Home. The output of the detector drives the control valve. Control valve is fitted in gas line. Once the gas leakage is detected by detector valve cuts off the gas supply in less than 1Sec by shutting off the valve. The valve can be reset or opened only manually. This is provides additional safety and allows manual inspection before resuming the gas Supply.

Product Features:

  • Kitchen Platform Panel mountable
  • Automatic Calibration at the desired level ofLEL (Usually 10% of LEL).
  • In addition it can detect heat
  • Can be interfaced with Gas Detection Panel through PFC relay output.
CE Certified

LPG / PNG Gas Leak Detector – TS12 HLRBV
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