LP Gas Leak Detector – TS12CLR-RS485

TS12CLR-RS485 is a Commercial Gas Leak Detector with PPM display. This gas detector is suitable for gas detection in Refineries, Chemical plant, LPG station, Gas Boiler, and Spray-Paints etc. Detector application is Hotel, commercial kitchens, canteen & Pantry. where gas leakage is possible. It reads the gas concentration in air and transmits it to a detection panel over a digital bus. This detector,adopting catalytic gas sensors, has advantages of good reproducibility, good performance against changes in temperature and humidity. It has a long lifespan and can be easily operated. Two alarm levels could be set for warnings (High & Low). Relay output provided can be connected to the Gas Detection Panel. In GAS Detector RS485 and two relay outputs provided.

Product Features:

  • Dustproof & Water Splash proof – IP65 Enclosure
  • Replaceable Filter
  • Gas leakage LEL Bargraph indication
  • Can be interfaced with Gas Detection Panelthrough RS-485 output.
  • Sensors life up to 4years.
LP Gas Leak Detector – TS12CLR-RS485
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