Catalytic Type Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector – TS21I-CAT-H2

TS21I-CAT-H2 gas detector is suitable for Hydrogen gas. Application area of this detector is Refineries, Chemical plant, Gas Cylinder Refilling and Battery Back Power Stations etc where gas leakage is possible. It reads the gas concentration in Air and transmits to a detection panel over digital bus as well as it shows the LEL level on display.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • Gas Detection Method using Catalytic Combustion.
  • Detection Range: 0-100% of LEL.
  • Preset Alarm Levels : a) Low Alarm Level. b) High Alarm Level.
  • Auto Calibrated.
  • Response Time(< 2Sec.).
  • Catalytic sensor is used.
  • PFC Relay NO or NC O/P and It will be Selectable Latching type or Pulse Type.
  • Flame Proof Enclosure is used.
  • Sensor Life : Up to 5 years.
  • Analog O/P : Selectable 0-5 V & 0-10V output. 4-20mA current output.
  • ATEX Certified.
  • CCOE (PESO) Certified.
  • BIS—CM/L—3927980 Certified.

TS21I-CAT Detector detects following gases: Hydrocarbon, LPG, PNG, CNG, Hydrogen, Acetylene, Methane, Propane, Bu-tane

CE Certified

Catalytic Type Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector – TS21I-CAT-H2
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