Gas Release Panel

TSGR21 is used for fire detection as well as suppression. Along with fire detection, it is used as a suppression panel to suppress fire using gas release system. Main purpose of this system is to monitor the fire and pressure switch of fire suppression gas system. When fire is detected, panel will activate the solenoid valve to release the suppression gas cylinder. Display shows the fire zone. This system can monitor the pressure of main as well as stand by gas cylinder. Once the main gas cylinder is consumed or has been sent for refilling, the system will select the stand by gas cylinder from menu for use. This product has one higher version i.e. TSGR21+

Product Features:

  • Battery backup with built in charging
  • 16 X 2 LCD Dot Matrix Display
  • Key pad Enable/ Disable and Evacuate Facility
  • Auto, Manual and Maintenance mode Facility
  • Low battery visual warning with audible tone
  • Relay output for actuators
  • Provision for Remote fire with Audio / Visual Indications
  • Compatible to all types of conventional detectors
  • Zone Disable facility
  • Resettable 24 VDC output for 4 wire detectors
  • Three 24 V Monitored sounder Output (Fire, Cross Zone, after GAS Release)
  • Programmable Solenoid Output with ON and OFF Timer
  • Programmable Main / Standby Cylinder output Facility.
  • Gas Inhibit and Instant release facility
  • Manual Gas Release with or without timer
  • Actuator and Pressure switch sensing facility
  • Modular Construction, Serviceable
  • Auto Re-settable Fuse
  • Battery polarity & Battery degraded Warning
  • Variable solenoid ON / OFF time
  • 2 No’s of programmable Initiating Device Circuit and 1 No. of Releasing Agent circuit
Fire Suppression Monitoring—FSMon
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