Fire Suppression Monitor—FSMon

This is a Fire suppression monitoring system. It is specially designed for the purpose of monitoring the pressure point/switch of the clean agent Fire suppression system and providing audio - visual alarm indication. The Fire suppression monitoring unit goes into alarm condition due to Pressure switch/point open. The system has silence switch through that system can be acknowledged or Silent.

Product Features:

  • Sleek Compatible Rugged Construction
  • MS Sheet housing and Powdered coated Enclosure
  • Fire Sounder tone with>90dB output
  • Pressure switch Input (1,2 and 4 Inputs Facility optional)
  • Operating Voltage 180V-270V AC
  • Battery Backup up to 4-5 Hrs (Optional & battery in customer’s scope)
  • Mains On, Gas Release, System Healthy LED Indications
Fire Suppression Monitoring—FSMon
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