Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector – TS12CHR – Ex H2

TS12CHR Ex H2 is a Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector for the commercial segment. Application area of this detector is Refineries, Chemical plant, Gas Cylinder Refilling and Battery Back Power Stations etc where gas leakage is possible. It reads the gas concentration in Air and transmits to a detection panel . Semiconductor type of gas sensor is used in this detector. If concentration reaches to hazardous level, it will generates alert and send signal to the Gas detection panel OR BMS.

Product Features:

  • Gas Sampling by Natural diffusion
  • Auto Calibrated
  • Replaceable Filter & Gas Sensor
  • Manual Calibration (On Site)
  • PFC Relay O/P (NO or NC)
  • Explosion Proof Enclosure is used
  • Indian MFG Product
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